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We are proud to be a learning organization, continuously seeking to improve, grow and enhance our commitment to protect and preserve life under an umbrella of accountability. Despite the varied and often intense demands of providing public safety services, the men and women of the Tracy Police Department continue to provide outstanding service with the support of the community and government partners.

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Service | Integrity | Excellence

Setting The Standard For Policing

The Tracy Police Department has established the values of “Service, Integrity, and Excellence” because we recognize and respect the sanctity of all human life and dignity without prejudice to anyone. The Tracy Police Department has a long history of judicious, lawful and minimal use of force supported by strong policy, training, supervision, progressive thinking, accountability, transparency, community engagement and community expectations.


• Always seek long term resolutions to problems.
• Provide honest, open and timely (HOT) feedback.
• Support organizational goals and strive to achieve them.
• Stand against gossip and rumors.
• Provide prompt response to requests and communicators.
• Promote proactive attitudes.


• Honesty in thought and actions.
• Address behaviors, not reputations.
• Practice organizational loyalty over personal loyalties.
• Place organizational priorities over personal agendas.


• Challenge status quo by promoting new creative and innovative ideas.
• Always be proud of your profession and Department.
• Ascribe to being a lifelong learner.
• Always perform at Department’s highest level or organizational standards.
• Lead by example.
• Always go the extra step to meet the community’s needs.

Why Tracy?

The Tracy Police Department is an innovative forward thinking organization. We acknowledge the challenges in modern policing and developed a philosophy to better prepare our officers. Our vision to incorporate advanced training and education, be innovative in our approach and prioritize Officer health and wellness is our Tracy way. In doing this, we are at our best to serve our community, work on long-term quality of life resolutions and further strengthen engagement with our residents, non-profits, and our community.


The officers at the Tracy Police Department have the opportunity to choose from several compensated special assignments and non-compensated collateral duty.  These opportunities include the following:

  • Detectives
  • School Resource Officer
  • Neighborhood Resource Officer
  • Special Investigations Detective
  • Motorcycle Officer
  • Drone/UAS Operator
  • K-9
  • Range Master
  • Honor Guard
  • Motors Cadre
  • Bicycle Cadre
  • Police Athletics League (PAL)
  • SWAT
  • Crisis Negotiations
  • Defensive Tactics Instructors

Several of these assignments include incentive pay or additional pay.  Please see a recruiter for additional information. 

Central Location

Our strategic location is a theme that runs throughout our town’s history, even as the country’s emphasis has shifted from railroads to highways. Tracy is now centered in a triangle formed by the major interstates of 580, 205 and 5. Tracy is also conveniently situated just an hour from Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose and just a few hours from Los Angeles. If it is recreation you seek, Tracy is also convenient to the Bay, Delta, Yosemite, Tahoe and the San Francisco Bay.

Positive Impact

The City of Tracy enjoys a low crime rate due to the positive relationship between the community and their police department. We place a high value on community engagement and strive to find new and innovative ways to work with our community for a safer Tracy.

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